4 Home Renovation Looks That Need The Extra Spending

With low-cost renovation and DIY trends on the rise, most couples these days tend to set a tighter budget than usual to plunge into the renovation works of their newly bought home.

For those gearing towards contemporary themes that are modern and minimal, budget cutbacks shouldn’t hurt — however, if your taste leans towards luxury — skimping on its details will definitely show.

Below are 4 lavish styles that need the extra splurging and will be worth every cent for the praises it’s going to get.

1. Victorian Glamour

Stemmed from the Industrial Revolution, during the reign of Queen Victoria herself.  Victorian Glamour was a style of opportunity in its era for many Middle-Class citizens to exude extravagance and prosperity from their doorsteps.

Displaying their jump in social class, most of these homes adorned ornate furnishings, fabrics and accessories — jam-packed into finite spaces. These arrangements brought out an air or Aristocracy where “less is more” was not tolerated.



Key Elements Of The Style:

Flooring and Walls 
– Parquet/Mid-toned polished/Marble/Ceramic
– Showpiece Rugs/Carpets in the centre of rooms.
– Intricate ornate trimmings along the facade 

Delicate Colour Palette 
– Subdued tones such as cream, greys and rose pink 
– Warmer tones such as deep mahogany browns, walnut, emerald green, rich purple
– Gold to accentuate and highlight 

Patterns & Fabrics
– Geometrics, Ornate, Floral patterned Wallpaper
– Heavy silk damasks or velvets; plain or floral patterned 

– Ornate lamps like chandeliers
– Yellow ambient lighting to emulate a sense of grandeur

– Hand-carved fittings and hardwoods
– Antiques and oriental ornaments
– Button-back, plump cushioning



A  theme of splendour, its ornamental finishes and fittings don’t come cheap and you’ll be seeing yourself spending a fair sum just to depict its intricate glamour.

2. French Decadence

From Parisian apartments to cottages in Provence, the typically-loved french interior can be summed up as a contemporary take on traditional European architecture.

The French Decadence features a blend of glitzy antiques and modern fittings, paired with dabs of renaissance/avant-garde art — a timeless marriage of old and new. It’s beautifully trimmed ceilings and walls are often in shades of white, serves complement to existing parquet floors.





Key Elements Of The Style:

Flooring, Walls and Ceilings
– High Ceilings
– Dark Timber Flooring (preferably parquet)
– Intricate trimmings along all facades

Colour Palette
– White, White and more White — one with a creamy, pinkish hue
– Subdued tones like rose pink, greys,  pastel blues and soft greens
– Warmer tones like terracotta reds, sea blues, violets and creamy yellows
– Streaks of Gold

Furniture & Decor 
– A mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings
– Gilded, gold and metallic pieces
– Statement art pieces like sculptures or paintings(whichever style’s preferred)
– Oriental, ornate antiques — such as porcelain or brass

– Vintage chandeliers or retro study table lamps

Take it from the french to know the value of indulgence — acquisition of statement art, luxe vintage furnishes and trims would be no less than a heavy investment on your part.


3. Art Nouveau

Originating from the 1890s, Art Nouveau first served as a fashionable step away from the exuberant decor of the Victorian era — paving the way for a new style of architecture.

It’s organic nature and flowing lines were largely influenced by the forms of feminine silhouettes, flora and fauna — unique in its day, it intertwined principals of art and design with mortal living.

Light and fluid — through the use of wrought iron sculptures, stained glass and curvilinear wood fittings — it leaves any guest who enter with a sensation felt from “walking in a dream”.





Key Elements Of The Style:

Flooring, Walls and Furnishings
– Stained and Varnished hardwoods
– Flora & Fauna inspired fittings (free-flowing forms)

Colours & Decor
– colour shades can be personal as long as they’re are light yet vibrant (e.g. browns, mustard yellows or lilacs)
– Stained glass, tiffany lamps
– Wrought iron sculpture and wooden fittings with stylised flora elements

– Warmer, yellow light accents are used for a natural and cosier ambience.

Eccentric and definitely unique, it’s complicated carpentry and wrought iron finishes can be rather taxing on anyone’s budget — even if your budget allows, it’ll be won’t be easy to find capable carpenters/craftsmen to execute it’s dreamy demands.


4. Moroccan Finesse

Inspired by Desert Sunsets and the Mediterranean Sea, the Moroccan Finesse brings about a dynamic pairing of rich colours, traditional patterns and exotic decor. It’s extensive use of mosaic tiles and vivid earthy tones creates for an environment that’s deeply warming yet extravagant.
Some of it’s other elements include arches, colourful textiles, textured facades and presence of exotic plants. With a style this vibrant and reflective of diverse cultures, it has no doubt become a popular theme for many worldwide. 





Key Elements Of The Style:

Furniture and Decor 

– Carved hardwood furnitures
– Soft furnishings like large cushions and rugs
– Ornate pieces made from glass, metal, leather and clay
– Mosaic/patterned tiles

Colours, Patterns and Fabric
– Textiles made with wool, silk or cotton used for upholstery or wall hangings
– Traditional moorish patterns
– Vibrant, contrasting colours — browns, reds, orange, deep blues, yellows, gold and silver etc.

A beautiful burst of moorish culture, delightful for show — its substantial use of lavish fabrics, precious metals and intricate carpentry may have you running to the bank more often than you’d like.

Regardless of what’s been mentioned above, you shouldn’t feel daunted to take on any of these show-stopping styles — have it serve as a pre-empt instead, for any budget implications to come in undertaking any of these interiors.

Although there are a number of guides floating around the net that can teach you a trick or two in achieving these looks at low cost — there’s no doubt that a little extra will go a long way in attaining a full-bodied image of these home looks.

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