Black Friday Special: Black Interior Looks

For those who don’t know – What Is Black Friday?

Started in the United States, it is the day after Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas Shopping since 1932.
Being a day of Festive Promotions to be thrown out by most retailers, it served as a fantastic strategy to push/clear out any stock at heavily discounted prices.
Many shoppers go wild during this Promotional “Phenomenon”, wiping out shelf-to-shelf and even involving themselves in a squabble, just to grab hold of their desired discounted deal.

Due to its popularity, many retailers around the world too have adopted this same sales strategy to clear out their old stocks, in addition to rewarding their customers for their loyalty.

Enough chit chat, we’ll cut right to the chase now…

Although pretty unrelated to a renovation portal like us, we decided to join in the fun, by causing a stir in a similar demeanour through the only way we know — fabulous Home Interiors.
So as you Brace yourselves in standing by your shopping cart, take a minute and check this out – 4 Lovely Home Interiors that we Adore, adorned in Black.

Dawson Place By Design 4 Space Pte Ltd
Minimal but playful, this home uses the contrast of black to make its centrepieces pop. With neutral white facades and floors to complement, it’s meticulous use of black can be found in the choice of its furnishings, trimmings and lighting pieces – it draws attention from its users to different parts of the room with its starting contrast. Such a clever way to bring black in Interior Fashion, for a look thats chic and eye-catching.


217C Sumang Walk By 1 Works Pte Ltd
Designed for the adventurous and enjoyment, presented in a sleek sheet of black.
From Cycling, a Bar Corner, Entertainment room and Walk-in wardrobe – you can clearly see the likes of its residents.
A contemporary pad made for the young and energetic, much attention was placed into designing these key areas for the pure entertainment and living pleasure of its owner.


18 Woodsville Close By Renozone Interior Design
Glossy in Black, Matte or Patterned, this home surely celebrates the beauty of all things dark. From its stretching cabinets along the Dining Hallway to its Bedroom backdrop and choice of furniture trimmings – its extensive use of black serves contrast to its clean white furnishings, muted decoration and Natural Light.

Daringly sleek, it’s one Black Interior you can’t chide for being gloomy.
Greenridge Crescent By Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd

Monochromatic Sleek, this Contemporary home does not shy from the use of black. Instead, it’s used as the crux of the design, to frame the different corners of the space. Contrasting with white, pale woods and warm lighting, this home is anything but gloomy – calling for a walkthrough that’s simply alluring and sultry.





A colour favoured by Coco Chanel herself, I think we can all understand why Black’s always best and that it’s surely a choice that never goes wrong. Although stigmatised for use in homes — a careful implementation and choice of furnishing will work —so that you too can carve your own interior that’s black. An everlasting interior thats sexy, sleek and always eye-catching.

So if someone ever tells you that black is bad for any home interior, or that it brings “Bad Fortune” – share with them these looks to get them thinking twice on their words. As the saying goes “ once you’ve gone black you can never turn back”.

From all of us at PlushHome Singapore, we wish you a happy Black Friday and bid you for the day so that you can get back to snagging all the attractive deals on this day of Glorious Cheap Sales!

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