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Home owners throughout history have always used window coverings not just as protection against light and glare, distractions and disturbances. In fact, smart home owners throughout the ages also know that window coverings are vital when it comes to home decoration.

You see, windows form a major focal point in a room. Walk to an empty room and our eyes are instantly drawn to the windows. This is why the way we dress up a window has a significant impact on a room’ style, design, mood and atmosphere.

Not only is this determined by the style and shape of the curtains or blinds you use, it is also affected by the material’s colour, texture, and design. Even the accessories and hardware used can affect the look.


Just think about fashion. Every small item, from a brooch, to a belt buckle, to the shoes say a lot about the person. Curtains and blind are like clothes for your home. With the proper ones, your home or premise comes alive and flows in a natural manner. Here at Curtain4U, we can help you get the exact curtains and blinds you need.


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