Urban Habitat Design

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Urban Habitat Design is a young but experienced boutique Interior Design firm focused in providing premium personalised design services to its commercial and residential clients. Our diverse and experienced talent pool is committed to building strong bonds with our clientele by consistently providing professional, reliable and cost effective solutions. We are constantly recalibrating our business operations to add value to our clients.

A workplace should be a source of inspiration for its occupants. A workplace devoid of life and energy saps the spirit of its inhabitants; one infused with life and energy uplifts and edifies. Our passion is palpable from your first point of contact with us. We inspire creations and are in turn inspired by our creations.

We envisage that forms and functions can be redefined, that the interplay between elements can be harmonized, and space can be reinvented, via a paradigmatic shift of the senses and perspectives, to transform your office space into an office home, worthy of its inhabitants.


515 Balestier Road
Singapore 329851

Tel. No.
+65 6220 1262
+65 6220 1776

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