VVID Elements

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VVID Elements is an interior design and renovation partnership , born out of the love and passion of creating that interior makeover for home and office spaces.

VVID Elements (pronounce as vivid elements) signifies the strong, clear and distinct use of the 5 major elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) in each space design and each element is represented by each stroke of the Chinese word 正 (zhèng) def: Positive / Straight / Just / Proper. This word strongly depicts what our company stands for and thus the use of this character as our company logo.

We provide a no gimmick approach to every space design and enquiries. We believe in providing interior consultation, design and renovation services with our utmost honesty, integrity and ethics.

Our Vision:

To establish ourselves as a trustworthy key player and leader in the Interior Design and Renovation Industry. Building our home grown name both in Singapore and abroad.

Our Mission:

To be a positive role model of Interior Design Industry in Singapore while establishing a constant growth in knowledge, design and market value of the Organization, emphasizing social values and improving lives.

201 Joo Chiat Road #02-04
Singapore 427472
Tel. No.

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