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Imagine being able to combine superior safety, unparalleled performance, ease of use, spatial economy and chic styling all into one fabulous package. That is what Champs electrically-operated shower heaters offer.

More than just run-of-the-mill water dispensers, most Champs shower heaters are meticulously sculpted with these cutting-edge functions to transform everyday bath-time into the ultimate shower experience that gives you total control in refreshing the body and revitalising the spirit:

• Power Efficiency
Unleashes an instant cascade of hot shower and power is consumed only during bath-time, optimising savings in electricity and water bills.
• Internal Control Mechanism
Designed to keep a tight rein on fluctuating water pressure while ensuring that temperatures remain constant.
• Anti-Scald Device
An effective security barrier that prevents water temperature from exceeding the safety limit.
• Splash-Proof Features
A tough white moulded polymer encasing is all it takes to provide you with total peace of mind as you indulge in a sensuous shower massage.


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