Almost every home has the same type of cupboard doors: plain black or brown wooden or plastic. The thought of generic cupboard doors are so boring and they add nothing of value to the rest of your house and room, no? Since it’s said that a person’s lifestyle and personality matches that of their personal space, it’s time you debunked those adages by doing something creative and imaginative about your boring doors! Here’s how:

1.         Use stickers

We don’t mean your son’s Pokemon stickers or your daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake stickers! Some home furniture stores carry decals that will easily cover the length of your doors. Spruce up those boring doors with flower, cloud or even animal decals!

2.         Painting

A simple way to bring your plain doors back to life is give them a fresh coat of paint. Give them some color and stay away from the usual black, white and brown. A color as deep as red or purple will give your doors some zing so don’t be afraid to experiment with other different shades.

3.         Sliding doors

Not only will your wardrobe or cupboards look in trend, you’ll save more space when you switch to sliding doors. Updating the look with sliding doors eliminates the need for the doors to open outwards so you can shift your bed/sofa/table closer to your cupboard and save space!

4.         Mirrors

Most cupboards have mirrors on the inside of the doors. If you have sliding doors, then these mirrors are pretty much non-existent. So why not place these mirrors on the outside? It’ll give your doors a new lease of life and also give the impression of a larger room.

5.         Bookshelves

While this is an interesting tip, it is also the most difficult to utilize because there is the problem of weight. If your cupboard is one that you don’t open frequently (a cabinet in the hall/storage place for wine), you could install a couple of shelves on the outside face. Be reminded to put some light books on these shelves and not your heavy encyclopedias! The purpose is to decorate the cupboard’s exterior and also save some space.