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Flooring Factors

So you’ve just bought a new home, congratulations! You’ve burnt a hole in your pocket doing the general repairs, painting the walls, purchasing matching furniture, landscaping the garden, renovating the children’s room, and building a dog house, but you decide to leave the shag carpeting as it is. Why fix it if it ain’t broke right? Wrong- your choice of flooring is

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Interior Design & Renovation Singapore: Compare Packages

Residential / Commercial Interior Design & Renovation After getting a new/resale HDB / Condo / commercial property, the next step on the list will be the searching and comparing of best renovation packages or quotes for interior design. And ideally, you should aim to have at least three different quotes for your project. And in order to achieve this,

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Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint is the largest paint and coatings manufacturer in Asia. The paints and coats have made inroads into diverse aspects of life all around the region. For example; In Vietnam, they have acquired more than 70% share of the motorcycle coatings market. While in Korea, 100% of beverage cans are coated with Nippon Paint.

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Kitchen Renovation & Designs – By Singapore Top Interior Design Firms

Great kitchen design layout is important, either for small or big kitchen area. See many best kitchen designs and cabinets ideas through below pictures, video from some of the Top Singapore interior designers or kitchen renovation companies here. Transform your dream kitchen with different layout options from our top interior designers, utilizing the limited space of your kitchen. Be it the cabinet or

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Change the way you see things

Sometimes, changing the way an entire room looks can be as easy as changing your light bulb. The right lighting can dramatically modify the dimensions of a room, making it appear more spacious, more cheery, more romantic, taller or cozier! So before you resort to more drastic measures, think about whether you’re lighting your room up in

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Monochromatic home palettes – Part 2

In part one of Monochromatic home palettes, we shared about choosing the various colou scheme for your room and how does monochromatic color scheme works. Basically, it uses a single color on every surface and in this type of scheme, darker shades, grayer tones and paler tints of that single color are included in the

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Monochromatic home palettes – Part 1

Choosing the rooms in your home to lean the way of monochromatic palettes is a popular and rather aesthetically pleasing idea. What exactly is a monochromatic color scheme? A monochromatic color scheme essentially uses a single color on every surface. In this type of scheme, darker shades, grayer tones and paler tints of that single

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