Furniture Styling

5 Tips How To Choose a Dining Table? Round or Square?

The dining area forms the heart of every home and it has been known to be a warm place where family members and even guests, gather to share a meal and interact. The primary piece of furniture in this setting is the dining table and there are important considerations that should be made before shopping

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Choosing the Right Furniture Styling

Choosing furniture styles is a creative process. The first step of the process is to determine what works for you. Use the following criteria to help define your own personal style. Peruse magazines and pull out pictures that appeal to you. After you have finished going through lots of magazines, sort through your clippings and keep the

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Shabby Chic Furniture – Get the Look

Shabby chic furniture as an interior design style was first recognized and named in the late 80s. Even though relatively modern in conception, the 'look' is actually made up of a combination of vintage, antique styles with elements of both English and French country homes. The great thing about this style of furnishing is that you can find shabby

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