You will find quality, innovative & huge ranges of high pressure decorative laminates in Singapore from these laminates suppliers or distributors. They are committed to provide reliable products and trustworthy service, offering cutting-edge solutions to their customers. They will understand your needs and wants. Contact them today!


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Email: enquiries@edleuro.com

Website: http://edleuro.com/

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EDL is the leading distributor of High Pressure Laminates in Asia. Our credo is to provide architects and interior designers in Asia with quality and innovative products. With the vision of be the leading provider of quality and innovative high pressure laminates in Asia, we are committed to provide reliable products and trustworthy service, offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers as we partner them to understand their needs and wants. EDL continually provides innovative solutions...


Tel: +65 6363 1661

Fax: +65 6363 1361

Email: info@arova.com.sg

Website: http://arova.com.sg/

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Arova represents a fresh breath of air in the laminates industry with our innovative bent in all aspects of the business. Our laminates collection represents the latest in contemporary design because we look to the global design industry at large. Our service is unparalleled as we work closely with every designer or architect, providing prompt response and excellent sales support. Our quality of laminates is now well-known throughout the industry as they are manufactured under stringent control ...


Tel: +65 6514 1313

Fax: +65 6846 7030

Email: enquiries.sg@formica.com

Website: http://www.formica.com.sg/

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Formica Corporation was founded in 1913 by two researchers who discovered a better way to replace an existing product. Herbert A. Faber and Daniel J. O'Conor found that by using high pressure and plastic resins, high quality insulation materials for the booming electrical industry could be readily manufactured. Up until that point, other manufacturers were making the same products out of the minerals mica. Thus, Faber and O'Conor coined their products "Formica®". In 1927, Formica patented a ...