Getting the perfect interior lighting for home will light up your mood! How to choose suitable wall / ceiling lights, cove light, or lighting fixtures for your house? Either for living room, bedroom or kitchen lighting, just visit below lighting shops or send your enquiry and the selected lighting companies will contact you for your lighting need.

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Lights Culture is a young, customer-oriented shop that is dedicated to offering personalized service and committed to providing the best service to meet your lighting needs. They offer you quality lightings in popular designs and at affordable prices. They service the general public as well as interior designers, architects, contractors and other trade professionals Your satisfaction as a customer is most important to the people at Lights Culture. They aim to bring passion...

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History of Lite Lab Lite Lab Private Ltd is one of the first lighting companies in Singapore that provides quality Eco designer lighting products and services to the affluent home owners of today. As living spaces are smaller in new homes, in order to have that unique kind of interior design, your lighting and lamps plays an important part. Designer lighting and lamps are of course appealing to the eye due to the abstract shapes and design...


Tel: +65 6742 7388

Fax: +65 6742 2773


Website: http://www.sg.megaman.cc/

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The idea for Greenmax Lighting was ignited in the garden of our founder, Simon Tiong. As a gardening enthusiast, he used solar lights to brighten up his gardens. MEGAMAN® - Leading the World in Energy Efficient Lighting Established in 1994, MEGAMAN® is a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and an innovative leader in Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) design, with techn...


Tel: +65 6515 6528

Fax: +65 6515 6578

Email: sales@ledworks.sg

Website: http://www.ledworks.sg/

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LED Works is an energy saving lighting specialist focused on LED lights and LED bulbs. They carry the full range of Phillips home lighting fixtures including the Ecothe, Ecomods, Kidsplace and Ledino series, along with the remote controlled Philips EasyScene. LED Works also carries the newest and latest dimmable LED Lighting solutions for down lighting, liner lighting and outdoor lighting. They are the first lighting providers to intergrate ...

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To us light is sensual. It should be flexible and adaptable. It must deliver optimal visual precision while consuming minimum environmental resources. We appreciate cutting-edge designs that raise lighting to an art form, while never compromising function. To every project and every client we bring our vast store of knowledge and experience in classic to contemporary styles. We commit the highest quality, design and technical excellence, as well as comprehensive after-sale...


Tel: +65 6747 7798

Fax: +65 6726 9887


Website: http://www.vome.com.sg/

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There are numerous lighting products on the market and often our customer wonder which brand is suitable for them. Our product feature below illustrate why you should choose VOME LED Lighting Illumination Feature VOME Brilliant Light - Special design optics used in all our lighting make your furniture and decoration come to life with stunning visual statement VOME True Brightest - 20% brighter than other LED lighting of the same wattage Glare-Free Lighting - Our diffused design in our...


Tel: +65 6295 0314 / +6256 0080



Website: http://www.lightings.com.sg/

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Lightings.com.sg is a Singapore based company that engages in retail, wholesale and manufacturing operations. Their direct sales approach and concept saves their consumers a lot of unnecessary costs hence making their products very affordable. Lightings.com.sg carries a wide range of different styles and brands guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest customer. The team at Lightings is a friendly and amiable one, sure to offer you the best shopping experience to decorate your house....

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The idea for Greenmax Lighting was ignited in the garden of our founder, Simon Tiong. As a gardening enthusiast, he used solar lights to brighten up his gardens. Unsatisfied with the durability and performance of existing solar lights, he decided to design brighter and long-lasting solar lights. Thus, he set up Greenmax, obtained a grant from SPRING Singapore, and collaborated with scientists from EWT Centre of Innovation...