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Lighting fixtures for every home theme

If you’re trying to make sense out of the astounding selection of lighting fixtures, lamp stands, lamp shades, pendant lamps and chandeliers out there, don’t worry.  With such a dazzling collection to choose from, there will surely be a piece to match your decorating theme exactly. The problem is… where the heck do you start looking?

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Painfully Stylish Lights! A quick update on the latest trends in lighting

If you’ve been swept up in the intricacies of interior decorating, finding the perfect wall colors, matching bedroom sets, majestic curtains and even matching throw pillows, but find that something’s amiss – look into your lighting! Remember that lighting is the foremost important detail in your interior design concept; without lighting, all form, color, and textures will be lost. Because

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A good interior design company…

1. Has good company core characteristics and qualities! Hit up their website, pamphlets and magazines to find out about the company’s style and quality of work. Trawl through their website, read up on their history and what motivates them to give their best. While it may seem like a waste of time, how sincere a

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5 Reasons why you should hire an interior designer

Lots of people in home décor programs have done it, so why can’t you, right? It looks so easy and manageable. We bet those thoughts crossed your mind while you watched a home DIY project that yielded amazing results. Here’s our take: Don’t do it yourself – get a professional. Not convinced? Here are 5

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Getting Wired

Four essential networks your smart home needs to have The promises of smart technology simplifying our lives by automating everyday chores, making our homes more pleasant to live in at the touch of a button, even reminding us to turn off the lights or the taps are boundless. Did you know that, as of 2004, nearly 50% of all

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Weird and wonderful accessories

Ever thought of putting a mannequin in your living room? Or perhaps a big tin watering can in your kitchen? Or perchance you would fancy hanging a big tambourine on a blank piece of wall! If all these suggestions baffle you, then it’s time to introduce you to the wild, wonderful world of weird home accessories!

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Basket case!

Why baskets are the perfect organizational accessory The humble, woven basket has been in use for probably thousands of years. Yet, this age-old handicraft could well be the magical tool we’ve been searching for which instantly helps us organize and hide clutter in our modern homes. Using baskets creatively can add a signature touch to

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