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Size doesn’t matter

Small gizmos with big brains Don’t think that the only smart gadgets around have to have about ten thousand automated functions, there are nifty little gadgets which look unassuming but do some pretty impressive tricks! Dial ‘T’ for Technology Does your advanced, high-tech kitchen stove look like the control panel out of Star Trek? Do you loathe

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Choosing the Right Furniture Styling

Choosing furniture styles is a creative process. The first step of the process is to determine what works for you. Use the following criteria to help define your own personal style. Peruse magazines and pull out pictures that appeal to you. After you have finished going through lots of magazines, sort through your clippings and keep the

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Decorative Painting Made Simple!

If you are of the notion that repainting your walls is never fun, then obviously you’ve never tried your hand at letting your creativity run wild with decorative painting! Also known as “faux painting”, this process involves using various methods such as sponging, rag rolling and dragging to create a range of decorative paint finishes.

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5 Tips How To Choose a Dining Table? Round or Square?

The dining area forms the heart of every home and it has been known to be a warm place where family members and even guests, gather to share a meal and interact. The primary piece of furniture in this setting is the dining table and there are important considerations that should be made before shopping

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Buying Furniture For Your Singapore Home

Getting the furniture for your home can be very rewarding because it will beautify the house while providing the much needed functions. Furniture shopping is something that must be done in moderation as there are several factors involved which included costing, space limitations and design. There are few factors to be considered before you buying

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4 Ways To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet can be a daunting task with many cabinets provided in the modern market. Kitchen cabinets are the first thing that you notice when you enter the kitchen, thus they need to be impressive. There are 4 great ideas that will help you to choose the right kitchen cabinet for your

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10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Nice

Sometimes you just get stuck with a small space – no big deal right? Except that sometimes it can feel even smaller than it is, restricting even. So if you are into home renovation or interior design, there are ten tips to make even the smallest bedrooms look nice, giving you a gorgeous living space. 1) Mirrors Mirror

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Living Room Designs – Modern Interior Design Ideas

Living Room Designs, Photos & Layout Living room design is crucial for home interior design. Find pictures / images of latest trend of living room designs for small or big areas which will inspire you here. Layout, colours choice, sofa set, entertainment center, lighting, curtain or carpet are few of the factors you need to consider.

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