Different Ways To Hang a Pendant Light

In order to give a room character and flair, its essential to note that style and aesthetic of pendant light can highly influence a space. A pendant is the most significant light fitting of the house.
Here are some different ways to hang a pendant light in your house.

1. Pay Attention to Price Tag

A higher price tag on your pendant light doesn’t always mean it’s the best one out there. Go further or explore more to find the correct match for your house. A pendant light could be a considered a piece of art if placed in the right place of your house.

2. Hallway Drama

Always fancied a dramatic hallway as above? Take inspiration from the picture. The three different painted pendant light add a contemporary feel to the area. It’s not placed too high or too low, placed in the right height.

3. Dining Room Dynamic

Suspending a pendant above your dining table is a great way to brighten up your house. Make sure the pendant isn’t hanging to low or too near the dining table.

4. Pendant Paradise

Always consider the ‘Rule of three’, when spacing pendant over your kitchen island. It’s been said that an odd number is more pleasing to the human eye. If your kitchen island is not big enough, you can opt to hang two instead of three pendant lights.

5. Measure the Distance.

The best option is to place the pendant approximately 70–82cm above the tabletop. This is to avoid highly bright light damaging your eye sight.


Hope that the above decorating ideas will provide you some inspirations on how to hang a pendant light. If you need Free consultations and quotes for your home renovation from Singapore’s interior designers or renovators, simply submit your requirements here.