Altitude Living is a boutique interior design studio by a dedicated team committed to delivering seamless, top-notch design and build services in interior design. Established with a passion for fine detailing, we look into every nook and cranny to transform ordinary spaces into inspiring ones. With us, the sky’s the limit.

The Altitude Living works on both residential and commercial projects. To us, home is a unique place where moments are shaped and bonds are forged. We endeavour to breathe life into your ideas, creating a treasured sanctuary reflective of your inner haven. For businesses, we believe that each project is distinguished through integrating interior styling with individual identity for a total brand experience.With a third of the day spent at work, we also aim to design workspaces that promote professional growth and personal fulfilment.

We provide full interior services and project management- consulting, material sourcing and finish options, space planning, home styling, construction and complete renovation work, overseen by our reliable consultants every step of the way. Every project is unique, hence time and effort is taken to understand all your needs and wants to build a trusted partnership.

Services offered

o    Consulting
o    Material sourcing
o    Finish options
o    Space planning
o    Home styling
o    Construction
o    Complete renovation work

Since its establishment in 1970, Art Décor Design Studio has grown to be a leading player in the local interior design industry. Their core strength lies in excellent delivery of multifaceted construction and renovation projects which often exceeds client’s expectations.  At Art Décor, they are all about listening to their client’s creative design dreams and visions and translating them into breathtaking aesthetic realities.

What they do:

Whether you are planning to optimize your office interior space or design the cozy home of your dreams, Art Décor’s interior design team experts is ready to work with you.

From planning and conceptualizing your spaces within specified budgets to completion, their experienced designers and decorators are here to focus their attention to every single details of your design needs. Every project, regardless of scale or budget gets their 100% focus and attention. Having an extensive experience has equipped them with the in-depth knowledge of the operational requirements within this industry to create cutting-edge concepts for clients that furnish innovative designs with commercial viability.

Services Offered:

•    Personalized Design Consultation
•    Layout and Space Planning
•    Project Management
•    100% Quality Craftsmanship
•    Dedicated Pre and After Sales Customer Care

“We are a passionate boutique interior design company offering our customer full dedication for their successful projects.”

Our values are positive, passionate and different.

They are integral and set us apart. From our relationships with our clients, we will strive endlessly to make a difference, thru our Atelier Tang approach.

Design and built more than 200 projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China

Design concept consultation
Space planning & Perspective Drawings
Materials & Colour selection
Advice on Lighting, Furnishing & Accessories
Site supervision & Project management

In-House Capabilities
Design Team,
Carpentry with factories in Singapore
Project management Team

With a multicultural dedicated team of specialists

What We Do

For Design Consultancy, we aim to look at things on the revolutionary concept and making it a statement as it will be. For Interior Architecture, we shall be different through our concept, our creativity, and we customized our approach with every of our attempt. We offer you diversity. For Sustainable Design, we appreciate the diversity of people, their ideas and cultures; its is where we flourish our passionate with you to make everything possible. And finally for Project Management, we are passionate in all that we do, project that we manage and form we develop.

Services Offered

•    Design consultancy
•    Interior Architecture
•    Sustainable Design
•    Project Management

We are a humble interior design and construction company that sincerely believe happiness can be design.

Encouragement to do more with less by sticking strongly to our own R3 core values as followed; REASONABLE in pricing, REALISTIC for the services and products we are giving, and RELIABILITY on after sales services is what we do here.

Indirectly, when these core values are achieved, happiness would be design within our company and delivered to every customers of ours. This is what we call “Designing Happiness”.

In r3vamp, we call ourselves “r3vampers” and this is what we do; “To continuously design more and more happiness for r3vampers, our customers, and the community unconditionally!”

Keep it up r3vampers!

Do you have a vision of your dream home? Yet, you are afraid that it might not be translated into reality? Fret not! Renobay Interior is the perfect place for you where possibilities meet reality.

Renobay Pte Ltd was established in 2007. At Renobay Interior, they believe it takes more than expertise and experience to design an exceptionally impressive space, be it for commercial or residential purposes. With a team of passionate designers who is determined to excel at every project they undertake, Renobay Interior is constantly seeking projects that are deemed unrealistic or too ambitious so as to produce remarkable design solutions that will far exceed expectations and make dreams come true for every client.

•    Interior Architecture design
•    Space planning
•    Project Management
•    Landscape design
•    Custom design furniture
•    Custom design lightings
•    Interactive solution / product design
•    Alterations & Additional works

The desire to provide a long term happy relationship with all their owners, Renozone strongly believes in their vision of not being a “HIT & RUN” company and this is also the foundation to their success – Relaying deeply on customer satisfaction.

With a strong 13 years foundation, Renozone which was established in 1998 is a member of Hbay Design & Build Panel Member. Their motto is to endeavour to present their clients their dreamed house within their budget and to ensure full satisfaction. They proudly announce that with their knowledge and experience in the Interior Design and Renovation trade, their numerous clients had stepped into their own “palace” which they yearned to live in.

At Renozone, they stress on the importance of delivering quality workmanship and services to all of their clients as they placed customer satisfaction as their top priority which is the top notch service you can find in their design firm. They have a team of well-trained and committed staff, who will cater to all their sophisticated client’s ideal home concepts, giving them valuable ideas which will enhance the beauty of their concepts and transformed into their dream home. Renozone dares to challenge you that all your utmost objectives and ideal design of your house will be met.

Taking pride in their work contributes to the success of each project they managed. Rest assured that you will be delightful with the pleasant result at the end of the day, therefore, call them now for a non-obligation FREE Quotation.

Brilliant Design Works specializes in solving interior design dilemmas with great expertise and creativity. Their design team will work with you from start to finish so that the outcome is something that you can be proud of. They also provide you with amazing options to fit a limited budget. Their team works around the clock just to make sure the decorating, furnishing, or renovation job is done within the designated time.

Why should you choose Brilliant Design Works?

•    Our designers are skilled, experienced, and creative. We are proud of our team of inspired and dedicated design professionals who are always ready for the next challenge.
•     We offer both residential and commercial interior design services. We cater to your every need and you won’t need another interior design consultant once you have availed of our services.
•    Our site it optimized for ease of use. We have even provided you a promotion page where you can discover and explore the latest interior design trends in Singapore.
•    We guarantee client-centered services. You’re the boss and we are here to make sure that your home or business reflects your personality and individuality.

Established in 2007, Build Design is a full service interior design firm who undertakes interior design projects for residential and commercial offices.

With an eye for functionality and aesthetics balance, they enhance the functions and quality of interior design and the need to satisfy their clients with utmost dedication to good interior solutions and value for money pricing.

Their experienced design talents and project executives take pride in every project that they undertake, dedicating themselves to creating designs that are imbued with a personal, intimate understanding of their clientele’s unique and individual needs.

Build Design is always available to assist the client when adjustments are required. Any defects will be catered to in the shortest time possible. This reflects the reliability and responsibility of the company.

Chapter One is an interior design firm based in Singapore. Founded by John Lau, his approach to design is informed and evolves through research, enquiry and differentiation. He is constantly seeking to find innovative design solution arising out of the constraints from negotiating clients’ needs.

John believes that renovating houses is a process that is enjoyable and memorable to all clients. John takes time to listen and understand your needs and wants for every given space and finally arrive with a concept design.

At Chapter One Interior Design, we enjoy the community where we live and it shows through our works. We listen to our clients; our designs are an interpretation of the clients’ visions while remaining environmentally conscience in the design choices. Environmentally conscience design does not sacrifice style or quality, and is an essential principle used in creating eco-luxury spaces that fill the functional needs and desires of the client.

Our consultants have had extensive experience in the interior design and renovation industry in Singapore. Get to know them and find out how got here.

Profile of Derrick

Derrick has been in the interior design and renovation industry for many years. He picked up the skills of the trade when he started working for his mother’s renovation company, ‘Reachwin Interior Renovation Enterprise’ in 1999, shortly after leaving the Singapore Police Force. Since then, Derrick has gradually expanded from a 5 men into a  50 men strong company today.

Noticing an increasingly growing trend of customers engaging interior designers before going to him for renovation works, Derrick began upgrading himself by signing up for interior designing courses where he picked up valuable skills and expertise.

Armed with extensive knowledge and experience in interior design and renovation works, Derrick decided to leave his comfortable zone at ‘Reachwin’ and set up Cosy Living Pte Ltd.

As a company, we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and hone their own style and taste. We provide value to our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, opting instead for quality and timelessness. The final design ensures a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly a functional space for our clients. We recognize that the most important element in our designs is the people who use them in the end.


With over a decade of experience in the design industry, our company maintains close relationships with top quality suppliers, fine artisans, and the most skilled sub-contractors. Our design experience and knowledge make the entire Cyrus Creations team invaluable to our clients.

Axcel Yeo is the driving force behind cyrus Creations. His passion for interior design, art, fashion and his talent for merging disparate styles, colors and patterns into beautiful cohesive living environments.