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Which carpet flooring materialsstyles and designs are best for your home, office or commercial building in Singapore environment? Meet the carpet suppliers below for advice on modern / oriental carpets, carpet tiles, interface carpet, designer rugs, area rugs, commercial flooring and etc… Send in your enquiry now and our Carpet experts will be in touch with you shortly.

Our Heritage

Passed down from over 6 generations, Lotto Carpets Gallery has always held a firm belief to provide not only the best carpets to our clients, but a professional, friendly and welcoming service as well.

Lotto Carpets Gallery was established in 1850 and started trading and collecting carpets ever since. Over the years, we have expanded to owning a shopfront and our own carpet factory. Since the eighties, our ancestors have been collecting rare and exotic carpets of different age and designs from all over the world. Currently, we hold one of the largest collections of antique carpets, which has more than a hundred years history, in the whole of Southeast Asia.

At Lotto Carpets Gallery, we put the needs and values of our individual clients above anything else. Thus, our staff’s first priority is provide adequate personalised recommendations to suit your personal style and preference. Our goal is to look beyond just sale and purchase.  We wish to provide our clients with knowledge which will help them to understand their carpets even before they purchase them.

Every carpet that leaves our door carries with it impeccable quality, service and standards. we seek to educate our clients to accumulate a deeper understanding of carpets and the history behind them. In this quest, we wish to provide our carpets with loving homes where they will be appreciated. Regular maintenance and cleaning services, including repairing and valuation of your carpets are also provided.

Do drop by and pay us a visit. We guarantee a unique and fruitful adventure into the world of carpet appreciation.

Established 3rd generation ago, Samad Oriental Carpets has been specialising in the traditional & modern carpets. We are wholesalers & import our carpets directly from various countries such as Iran and Afghanistan.We have complied 5000 pieces of rugs in wool, silk & cotton in our 2 branches in Singapore & Jakarta.

Our products have been able to attract customers from all walks of life, especially those who are passionate about traditional designs artistic value of designer rugs. We continue to maintain the highest quality products and the best customer service. We also take full advantage of the latest technology and creative thinking of the best to pursue the satisfaction of customers. We are also able to provide all services for rugs & we have a selected team of experts to assist you.

At Samad’s we have complied the most beautiful & lustrous rugs from the tribal villages across the mountains, classical treasures of Persia, modern,designer & contemporary wonders from the handpick looms to transform your home or environment to the most relaxing & cosy feel. Rugs not only make your home complete but also enhances beauty, great feel,comfort & health which makes a home feel like a palace. The touch & feel of a handmade rug is captivating, relaxing & soothing, it is like floating in the air, which sends chills of pleasure from your feet to the brain & comforting it. So, come on down to Samad’s & experience the historical tales or designer designs of the world of rugs.

Our Heritage

In the 1930’s, Khawaja Abdul Hamid first started his business in the main commercial district of Singapore, which was then Raffles Place. Some thirty years later, the main shopping district had shifted to the Orchard Road area. In 1967, Hassan’s Carpets opened its doors on Orchard Road. As the business continued to flourish, a larger and more modern premise was needed.

In 1984, Hassan’s moved to Tanglin Shopping Centre and here, the third generation of Hassan’s strengthened its reputation as purveyors of fine hand knotted oriental carpets. The cornerstone of Hassan’s marketing strategy has been careful purchasing, a continuing tradition where carpets are personally selected from the major weaving centres in the Far east, as well as directly from their own weaving centre in Lahore, Pakistan. From the most reputable sources, Hassan’s maintains probably the largest inventory in the Far East.

The genuine identity of every piece is unconditionally guaranteed remains essential to the working philosophy of Hassan’s Carpets. As admirers of fine carpets began to view carpets beyond mere floor coverings, Hassan’s introduced a whole new concept to the area of hand knotted carpets. Promotional retailing was introduced to allow carpet enthusiasts to buy carpets of high quality and in good condition, at competitive prices, and at a leisurely pace, avoiding the tension you would encounter at local auctions. The showroom at Tanglin shopping centre boasts a selection of South East Asia’s most competitive range of contemporary, old and antique carpets.

With 3 generations of business, Hassan’s values its customers. Such satisfied buyers include royalty from South East Asia and Europe, the United States and South America. Hassan’s has also been successful in capturing a fair percentage of the local market. One of the major projects undertaken by the company was in the restoration and redevelopment of the prestigious Raffles Hotel. We were appointed as the sole suppliers of hand knotted carpets.

Beyond selling carpets, Hassan’s experts handle repairs, cleaning and repairing/reconditioning of contemporary, old and antique carpets. To ensure customer satisfaction, Hassan’s services include meeting with select clients, both locally and abroad, to provide onsite consultation. With a vast selection that include museum quality collectors pieces as well as a longstanding tradition of expertise and service, Hassan’s Carpets is well positioned to cater to the most discerning taste.

Eastern Carpets owned by both Shukor and Edmund who have a combined experience in the trade of more than 50 years,are located on the 3rd level of Raffles City Shopping Centre retailing in fine handknotted carpets from the major carpet weaving areas of Central Asia.

Both Shukor and Edmund have made it a personal mission to travel to the cities, villages and settlements of the vast region of Central Asia to select carpets first hand, so only the finest quality are presented at their showroom and auctions. In addition they partake in the largest International Trade Fair in Handover – Germany and assemble award-winning examples that are seldom seen in Singapore.

Their passion for carpets has also lead them to devote themselves towards learning the ancient art of carpet weaving, which means they not only sell carpets, but are also well able to advise on any questions one may have on carpet buying and maintenance.

It is also a persistent belief of theirs to purvey their knowledge and expertise to their client and to that end, they have even personally written a book “The Handmade Carpet” a handsomely bound and personally autograph copy of which is presented to their clients at their Raffles City showroom and auctions.

In addition they conduct appreciation talks and interactive auctions to various clubs and organizations in Singapore and throughout Asia at the same time donating part of the proceeds to their development programs and charities.

They were also recently one of the finalists of the prestigious SME Award conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

At the Orientalist, we see in our carpets more than just beauty and utility. Because locked in each and every knot is the patience, perseverance and passion of the weaver, using all her skill, creativity and expression to create a work of art. Drawing on our invaluable ties with the top weavers all over the world, our role is to bring their art to market, selecting the best value and most comprehensive range of styles and designs to suit the discerning tastes and choices of our valuable customers.

We offer you the opportunity to create your own masterpiece. For many years now, we’ve been helping renowned architects and interior designers create breathtaking designs, making some of the most prestigious addresses in Asia and Middle East just that much more special. From eminent homes and condominium projects, to premier hotels and offices, we pride ourselves on being able to collaborate on all aspects of the creative process. With over 1,800 colours to choose from, we work closely with our clients to make sure that these unique masterpieces perfectly reflect the desired style and ambience of the living and working environments.

From muted shades to the brightest hues, modern carpets are not bound by tradition or convention. Some are minimalist and subdued, others elaborate and loud. The designs could be retro or even art deco. Regardless, they have an appeal that can complement any theme or style. Award winning creators of modern carpets, Haynes Robinson, Kelly Hoppen, Jan Kath and Liora Manne are among the many haute couture names exclusively represented in the region by The Orientalist.

The United Agencies group – comprising The United Agencies Pte LtdCarpets & FurnishingsHeritage Carpets and Alpha Interiors Sdn Bhd – was established in 1936, and the passage of time has seen us grow from strength to strength.

The United Agencies group is principally owned and controlled by the Kashyap family. Today, we are one of the largest carpet companies in Singapore, with dedicated staff of 50 people providing world class service to more than 500 clients throughout Asia and the Asia – Pacific region.

With a paid-up capital and reserves of S$15 million, the Company has nett assets and resources of over S$60 Million. Our main Bankers in Singapore are The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).