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Need a reliable Singapore flooring contractors for laminate flooringtimber wood, parquet & vinyl flooring or floor tiles / ceramic tiles, floor mat and etc…? You’d come to the right place! Beside, other flooring types such as marble flooringbamboo flooringrubber flooring, resilient flooring and linoleum flooring are also provided by some of them. Do you know what is the latest flooring trends? Send us your requirement or enquiry and the selected companies will contact you soon.

The establishment’s core intent is to create a platform to bridge the flooring needs and requirements of the local construction, architecture and design industries. Wood & Wood specializes in facilitating projects from mega to self-contained scales. Having over 25 years of prominence in the manufacturing and supplying of timber flooring products, regionally and cross-regionally, our product development consultants have strategically applied global appeal to our products, both structurally and aesthetically. It is in our duty to produce the finest in timber flooring, with the belief that sustainable forestry practices and due diligence owing to the environment, are implemented without compromising on quality.

The Brand: Krono Original aka Krono-O

The Manufacturer: Kronoflooring GmbH

It is the No. 1 of many quality brands from the world’s largest producer of laminate flooring, which is why the company name it the “Original”. Manufacture exclusively in Lampertswalde, Germany; the 360,000 sq.m facility is the centre of the industry latest production engineering and innovations, delivering high quality flooring which are time-proven through the passage of years to millions of homes all over the world.

Ahead of others who are still using decade-old production technologies, Krono-O Floors are products of a new generation which incorporates the latest laminate-surface technology; an innovation that finally gave laminate flooring the ultimate replication in appearance and sensation of real timber floors.

All flooring uses the best known and tested locking systems for floating-floor joints from Valinge or Uniclic, ensuring homeowners of floors that will stay good for many years in use. Krono-O floors are imported and sell exclusively in Singapore by B. Hong Co PL.

Our Flooring Solutions

At Oriqin, we bring together the leading technology in floor coverings with an understanding of timeless style and contemporary design. Whether you prefer a minimalist, country or classic style for your home, we offer laminate floor solutions that meet your design aspirations and budget.

Our View on Design

We believe that the perfect floor must not only complement your furnishings, but your lifestyle. That’s why we offer floor solutions to help make your living space more liveable. Oriqin floors are beautiful, easy to install, functional, and affordable. So whether you’re looking for a warm space to welcome you and your family at the end of the day, or a stylish place to entertain… live in comfort, in style and in fashion… Oriqin.

Our Commitment to Quality

We believe in providing you with only the highest quality products. Our floors are made using the highest quality raw materials under stringent quality control standards. We’ve backed them with some of the longest warranties available, so when you install our floors you can be confident that they will perform and look great after years of use.

Our Products and the Environment

Oriqin is strongly committed to making your home and the earth a better place. We’re not only concerned with making your home beautiful, but strive to ensure that it is a healthy place to live by providing products that are constructed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Floor ushers a new era in the flooring industry being the first factory in Asia Pacific to produce laminate flooring back in 1996. Inovar has its headquarters in Bestari Jaya, about 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, with a well-equipped factory powered by the latest German technology to achieve high precision and quality product.

Inovar offers a great range of innovative flooring options such as laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tiles and strand woven bamboo flooring to meet the ever-changing preferences of customers. Made of tropical hardwood fibre, Inovar’s laminate flooring products are of superior water-resistant and wear-resistant quality, it is a hardy choice that will last for years to come.

In addition, because tropical hardwood is also naturally resistant to termites, a lifetime warrantyagainst termite attack assures customers of the tremendous value for their investment.

And as a trendsetter in the industry, Inovar pride themselves with the first and only one in Singapore to offer high quality wear layer Luxury Vinyl Tiles that utilizes nano-silver technology. Inovar LVT comes with a 0.5mm thick wear layer that is made from premium grade PVC. The surface durability of LVT is exceptional and tested. LVT is inherently water-proof, which is an economical choice for wet areas such as kitchens and laundry rooms, and high-traffic areas such as commercial places.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is another product that Inovar is pioneering and championing in the market. Also believed to be the first and only one in Singapore to offer “Floating-system licensed interlocking strand woven bamboo flooring“. Bamboo is also a type of grass which is definitely environmentally friendly!

Inovar Floor is used throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and USA. The worldwide usage is a testimony of its suitability to different climates and cultures. The products can be customised to meet customer’s specific needs. Contact Inovar for consultation today.

Company Mission
To provide the latest and leading designs in building material for housings and commercial development and to achieve market leadership.

Company Vision
Purveyors of fine quality natural stones and tiles for every home and building.

Company History
Hup Kiong first started off as a renovation company in the 1980s but due to changes in the economy and market conditions, the company has changed its focus to the supply of building materials since 1991. With over 3 decades of strong foothold in this industry, Hup Kiong is now one of the leading tile suppliers in Singapore catering to the various segment of the building supply market.

Hup Kiong imports its products from countries in Asia, such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam and from Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.

Our main showroom is strategically located at the heart of Singapore in Balestier Road with an area of approximately 1,650 square feet. Our head office, showrooms and warehouses are located in the industrial area, Defu Lane (North-East of Singapore), which occupies an area of approximately 120,000 square feet.

Mago Floor is a regional office that has been supplying their products to many countries in South-East Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Their excellent customer service and reliable work are testament to their success. With their good quality products and attractive prices, their flooring variety is a wide array; each one unique.

Beside our extensive range, the high quality and durability of our products are the reasons why people chose Supreme Floors. Hence to ensure that we have total control over the design and production process, we have our own manufacturing bases where we employ only the best technologies to produce our products.

An all-encompassing group of flooring consultants, installers, maintenance crew and service staff, the Supreme Floors team is always ready to provide professional support to our local customers. We also work closely with our partners worldwide to ensure prompt deliveries and product support for all our global customers.

At Supreme Floors, ‘We love our floors’ is more than just our slogan. We have a deep passion for our floors and take pains to craft them well so that they greatly enhance the aesthetic ambience of homes and offices. As a further commitment to our customers, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that our floors remain a source of pride for the years to come.

Our Vision
To be a world-renowned wood flooring leader.

Our Mission
To provide quality wood floors, deliver reliable service and mentoring.

Welcome to the Future of Wood Today

Styleline believes in a future where a sustainable environment is a reality. Our contribution – a patented technology that turns bamboo into a strong and durable flowing solution. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that is manufactured with minimal wastage and at close to zero emission. Whether used in residential or commercial properties, our flooring will be a beautiful addition to your property. At Styleline, a bright future for all awaits.

Styleline was born out of a personal concern for the destruction of natural forests and premium that is still being paid for natural trees, plantation trees being lacking in both quality and durability. After extensive research and development, Styleline discovered that bamboo, which is fast-growing and strong, is the best alternative, striking a happy medium between hard wood and sustainable ecology.

We are passionate about the environment. We recognize that we need to make a change in the way we live to protect the world we live in. We constantly challenge ourselves to come up with innovative, beautiful and durable products that have been manufactured in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

We strive to become a world leader in bringing these environmentally sustainable, high quality products to market and providing excellent value to socially responsible customers without compromising style and functionality.

Our Strand Woven Bamboo Collection of flooring, decking and panels created via a patented manufacturing process is one of the strongest, most durable flooring options available and is set to take the market by storm. Whether you are looking for a flooring solution for your residence or for commercial purposes, Styleline offers a customized flooring solution to suit your requirements.