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House Cleaning

Want to find professional house cleaning services or part time home cleaner with good rates or prices in Singapore? It’s listed here. They provide weekly scheduled or one-time house cleaning. Send us enquiry to Get FREE Quotes for your selected home cleaning companies now.

HOUSEKEEPERS MANAGEMENT SERVICES was established in 2003 with a small set-up to provide quality house cleaning and professional housekeeping service to home owners and tenants. We started off with two HOUSEKEEPERS who go all over the island from Woodlands, Bt Panjang, to Whampoa, cleaning homes for our clients on a regular basis.

Due to good referrals from satisfied clients, we have expanded our service to provide office cleaning and spring cleaning as well.


To provide quality service to each and every client.


We have many years of experience providing all sorts of cleaning services before we decided to set up CNE Domestic Services. Utmost customer service is our mantra and we aim to provide complete customer satisfaction. We are in it for a long haul and we will ensure that all part of our services is satisfactory. Customers’ satisfaction is important to us and we will address every complaint.

Our setup includes coordinators and a group of very dedicated and experienced cleaners. The core of the management staffs will ensure that quality work is done and continuity is maintained.

We will abide by our mission statement and feedback is most welcome as we endeavour to work side by side with our customers to provide the best service.

Why Use A Part Time Maid in Singapore?

In today’s fast paced society, time is of the essence. Singaporeans spend more time at work and seeking opportunities to improve their lives and lifestyle. With such time constraint, simple household chores such as sweeping the floor can become a hassle, and deprive one’s happiness. Resentment may occur leading to strains in family bonds.

We see the need for each individual to have quality time with their family and loved ones. Thus we are committed in providing you the best in part-time maid services. Bring your loved ones for a nice dinner indulgence, bring your children to the movies. Sit back, relax and make each precious second worthwhile. Let our professional part time maids take care of the rest.

Make us, the solution to your gateway to more precious seconds, with a sparkling clean home.

Part time maid is your best solution for cleaner and happier home. Call us to book an appointment today.

Happy Home Domestic Cleaning Services is an established cleaning company that specialises in domestic house cleaning and spring-cleaning services.

We strive to provide top-notch quality home services at affordable prices.

All our helpers are either local Singaporeans or PRs who have gone through a stringent selective process to ensure that they have the right attitude and relevant experience.

With our team of experienced and reliable helpers, you can be assured of a clean and happy home.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Schedule – According to client’s preferred schedule

Comfort – Sense of familiarity with local helpers

Complete Privacy – Without the need to live in with a stranger

Guaranteed Service – Replacement service available

With the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle of today, every minute counts. You may not even have the time for leisure activities, what more household chores. Therefore, we are here to provide you a helping hand. Whether you are looking for a part-time domestic helper, or a babysitter, we are committed to bring you quality service at affordable prices.

Reliance Helper was founded in 2010 and is rapidly becoming a contender within the Singapore domestic & office cleaning industry. Established by a young entrepreneur Mrs. Crystal Chai, the company has seen rapid growth due to the excellent standards of service it consistently provides to an ever expanding customer base.

Please take the time to look through our website for more information on our domestic helper cleaning services.

Because we are smaller, we are nimbler, and can be more focused. Besides being able to respond more swiftly to your needs, we treat each client as one-of-a-kind, creating cleaning programmes that are cost-effective, efficient and answers each individual’s needs. For added convenience, we also offer flexible cleaning schedules.

Our cleaning teams meet the highest standards by following the same set of principles and procedures for every cleaning session. After each job, a rigorous inspection is done by the supervisor-in-charge before the cleaning team leaves. This is to ensure our strict standards are met and all has been done to the set criteria. Each one of our workers has been meticulously-screened during the job interview stage. Upon joining the MopSquad, they are then trained in the use of our cleaning equipment and solutions. Most importantly, we instill in them the need to be motivated and to strive for excellence in their work.

They will arrive neatly groomed, dressed in our MopSquad uniform for every cleaning session.

We always bring our own professional cleaning products which have proven to be effective and efficient. This includes all apparatus, equipment, materials and cleaning supplies.

The fact that we take great pride in our work shows. About 40% of our new business actually comes from satisfied customers’ referrals. They have come to depend on MopSquad for our reliability, integrity and our high standards of cleaning services, and are happy to recommend us to others they care about.

An established cleaning company based in Singapore, Dust Matters specializes in domestic home, office & commercialised cleaning. With reliable and trustworthy experience & passionate cleaners, they are committed to give their customers a quality and satisfying service at a reasonable rate of choices.

Having a vast experience in cleaning services, “Dust Matters” doesn’t just deliver excellent services, it boldly creates a memorable ambience and a unique clean & comfort environment and even lines up added value services, upon request. This ability to offer the full suite of management and cleaning services makes “Dust Matters” the preferred cleaning company in the enjoyable, comfort and lifestyle industry.