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Kids Furniture

Getting a safe, durable and fun children furniture for kids / baby could be a top priority for most Singapore parents. Baby or kids bedroom furniture, cabinet, small writing desk and chairs are some of the basic items for your little one. See some of the kids furniture for sale below or visit the furniture stores today!

iBenma Trading, initiated from Singapore and was launched in 2010. We are dedicated to provide safe, natural, durable and affordable kids friendly products to our customers. Our special product design, high quality and competitive price have allowed ourselves to make a strong presence in the market. Having established key relationships with only the highest quality manufacturers and vendors we are able to cater to your kids flexible demands.

As a customer-oriented enterprise, we intend on supplying the best values in order to better cater to our customers who count on us for the best possible pricing available and rapid marketing response. By taking a modern day approach combined with our vision for growth, we are able to better assess and keep up with market conditions and trends around the world. This enables us to surpass our competition by allowing us to meet the unmet needs of our customers.

Why should you choose Brilliant Design Works?

•    Our designers are skilled, experienced, and creative. We are proud of our team of inspired and dedicated design professionals who are always ready for the next challenge.
•     We offer both residential and commercial interior design services. We cater to your every need and you won’t need another interior design consultant once you have availed of our services.
•    Our site it optimized for ease of use. We have even provided you a promotion page where you can discover and explore the latest interior design trends in Singapore.
•    We guarantee client-centered services. You’re the boss and we are here to make sure that your home or business reflects your personality and individuality.

FLEXA systems offer many children & kids furniture options and combinations to suit your child’s room, age, interests and tastes – right down to the smallest detail. From bed ends and curtains to knight’s towers and desks, FLEXA lets you and your child create interior furnishings – now and in the future.

FLEXA grows with your child. Which makes FLEXA part of your life – like parenthood, play and love

Piccolo House is a practical yet beautiful creation. It is a one-stop solution that allows parents to conceptualize their child’s dreams into practicality based on our products. We feature popular themed children furniture; bedroom sets for Girls and Boys such as Princess room, Sail Away room and more. We specialize in kids’ fun accessories ranging from thematic wall decorations, interactive floor mats and beautiful rugs. We aim to give children a lasting memory of their rooms as they learn, grow and aspire.

We think kids are the most important people in the world. They deserve only the best (kids/children furniture). So we’ve sourced some of the world’s most reputable brands in children’s furnishings, catalogued them on this site, and put them under one roof in our Singapore store.

That’s right – we’ve got a bricks-and-mortar version of our website: a spacious display centre, all 25,000 sq ft of it, showcasing over 100 bedroom sets. So not only do you and your kids get to browse our full catalogue from the comfort of your own home, you also get to see, touch and feel the products in person!

It’s a totally unique and fun experience. Gather the family round, select and preview colours and designs online, and create your virtual kid’s room from scratch! With their input, of course.

Our interactive software is fun and easy to use. Then come on over to our showroom to confirm your selections in person. Or proceed directly to the online checkout. It’s entirely up to you.

Kid2Youth provides ergonomic furniture for children, teens and adults in Singapore. Their desks and chairs are designed to encourage good sitting posture and to prevent spinal injuries. They are aesthetically designed to appeal to children, providing them with a comfortable study corner that helps them to enjoy studying. They also carry the best ergonomic schoolbags from Germany that helps to promote good posture and to protect your young child’s developing spinal structure.


Their desks and chairs are made from the best quality components. The desk board is from Spano Group of Belgium and the gas lift mechanism from STABILUS of Germany.

A Kid2Youth product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years for the desk, and 10 years for the Stabilus mechanism, unrivaled in the industry. They are also the service centre for the warranty. Their Kid2Youth product goes through strict quality control but if there are any faulty or defective components, they’ll replace them or ship you an entire new set.

They also carry the best German ergonomic schoolbags. Their brands include: ergobag, Scout, DerDieDas, Step by Step, 4YOU and Deuter. Generally, the German school bags have a manufacturers’ warranty is 2-3 years, serviced by them.

My Tot’s Room aims to provide fun and appealing furniture that serves as practical solutions for both children and their parents.

Their furniture with creative storage options takes up less space in the home. While enabling many toys, books and various children’s gadgets and accessories to be stashed away within a high-density storage unit, their furniture easily creates a clutter-free environment.

Their furniture is designed to be user-friendly to children. They will give your children a sense of ownership and independence as they learn to keep their own toys and accessories away.

With their themed furniture, you can create a cosy corner that may be used as a play area or may act as a children’s library. As many parents find it a challenge to cultivate reading habits in their children, they can set an example by reading in their ” adult space” while giving the children their own set of sofas and bookshleves for thier personal reading.