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Mattress and Bedding

Where to buy mattress & baby bedding from Singapore mattress suppliers receiving good reviews? See the list below and we believe you’d heard of them. Browse online the mattresses for sale on types available such as (memory) foam mattressair mattressmattress padbedding sets, etc.. normal / waterproof in various sizes or brands. Or simply send your enquiry :)

JG NINO CORPORATION Pte Ltd an Australian owned company expanded its business and manufacturer plant into China since 2005; we specialize in manufacturing all kinds of mattress such as pocket spring, inner spring, memory foam, latex and polyurethane foam mattress.

JGNINO is our big brand name; we have several authorized dealers in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and China. Our manufacturer plant not only in China but as well as Malaysia. Our mattresses come with minimum warranty of 10 years.

Customer First” is our policy; our products are well recognized around the world. Our research team at all time to design new products and keep up with the market need. We have confidence and ability to meet your requirement and order.

A healthier sleep experience with Getha

A good sleep is undoubtedly important for our lifestyle and health. Since we spend about eight hours in bed, choosing a good quality mattress should be everyone’s priority.  Getha mattress is a smart choice that will leave you feeling refreshed, contented and in harmony with Mother Nature.  Getha uses 100% all natural Malaysian latex, which is world renown, reducing your exposure to chemicals found in many conventional mattresses.

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Getha has become the leading brand for natural latex mattress in the world.  Natural latex is very resilient and elastic; hence it is a perfect material for mattress and pillows providing you with the best comfort and support. Getha’s mattresses are known for their quality craftsmanship and superior comfort which ensures a more restful sleep.

Getha’s continuous improvement in innovation brings the brand’s latest Nano Technology and Bamboo Charcoal Anti-static protection function which not only provides anti-microbial properties and dust-mite resistant to relieve allergies; but also discharges static electricity from our body, ensuring deep sleep. Furthermore, most materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable which protects our planet Earth and environment as well as making it a better place to live in.

So, step in to begin your journey towards the best sleeping experience possible!

Sentire Mattress, its technology is from USA located in Boston and has been a proud manufacturer of your bedding needs since 1989.

We are proud to be fully staffed with friendly, professional associates eager to help you find what best fits your needs.

Our knowledgeable staff is trained to help you find the bed that is right for you, rather it is firm or soft, we will be there to answer any questions you may have.

•    Since 1926, Spring Air has been widely recognized for its innovative mattresses and sleep sets.
•    Francis Karr, who founded the company, was himself a visionary. His free-end offset coil design, which adjusts to each sleeper’s weight, is now the most copied design in the bedding industry.
•    In the late 1940s, the company introduced button-free technology, quilted surfaces and extra-supportive bedding materials.
•    In 1953, Spring Air began producing its “Health Center” mattress which featured zones for different areas of the body.
•    The Pillow Top mattress was introduced by Spring Air in 1973.
•    With 4 billion dollars worth of Spring Air sleep sets sold at retail over the past 10 years, Spring Air has stayed true to quality, innovative design and value.
•    Today, Spring Air has 13 domestic factories and 22 international licensees that operate in 32 countries worldwide.