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Window Grills

Get your invisible grille, window grills or door gates done by these reliable contractors in Singapore at affordable price. Some contractors is offering Free on-site quotation too. Submit your requirements or enquiry on window grills, casement window, double glazed windows and get Free quote from the selected companies now!

Legate is well known as your reliable partner in securing homes by providing sophisticated products such as our Invisible Grilles, Window Grille and Auto Gate.

In the year 2000, Legate was known as “Securi-Tec”. Securi-Tec specializes in all kinds of security systems, structured works and roofing. After 6 years, Securi-Tec has evolved to our present company “LEGATE”.

Officially established on 1st May 2006, Legate is founded by Mr Leslie Foo who saw a changing trend in the daily life of humans and hence, the need to adapt their living environments to this trend. The result of this realisation is the emergence of Invisible Grille in the world. On top of Invisible Grille, there is now also the Bi-Fold Gate!

In “LEGATE”, you can be assured of leading and innovative products that transform the way you live in the modern world – without compromising security, standards or style!

TBT Team Works is a well-established company in Singapore.

We provide and install a wide variety of aluminium doors, window works, aluminium double glazing soundproof window, iron door gate & iron Window Grille works.

We cater our services to residential and business customers ranging from HDB flat to condominiums & private home sectors, commercial & industrial sectors and more. We also accept various project requests.

TBT Team Works commitment to our valued customers is to deliver the highest quality products and services.

Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

LeHome Creation is an established company in Singapore dealing with the supply and install of Window Grille. In LeHome, we believe in ‘Good Service, Happy Customer’. Hence customers can be rest assured on the products delivered by us is top notch quality!

LeHome Creation aims to provide customer with the best service and best deal the moment an enquiry is recieved.

Our target is to provide customers with a safe enviroment for your love ones and yet do not compromise on safety! Our Sales and production team will do our best to fulfil your wish, making sure you will be another happy customer of Lehome Creation!

Still looking for a reliable window grilles & gates company? Although our local police force and sound economy have shaped us into a low crime rate society, low crime should never be taken as “no crime.“ Most would agree that security has to be the top priority when it comes to designing one’s home and office.

What then are appropriate preventive measures to deter burglars from eyeing your premises? Apart from advanced gadgets like CCTV, the more common focus usually falls on window grilles, window bars, wrought iron gates etc. To maximize security and decoration of your premise, it is best to consult the advices of your reliable and professional contractors. Be mindful of cost so that you don’t fall off your budget.

Your first task is usually to identify the vulnerable areas within your premise; which are usually your main doors and windows. Next would be the selection of materials and styles for your grilles and gates, which are often dependable on your safety requirements, your personal taste and your budget. Grilles and gates are simply protective metals that you install in front of your main door and behind your window to given their intended functions.

INVISYS Technology (Singapore) provides leading-edge invisible grille technology for windows to the construction industry. Our products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. INVISYS Technology evolved from a small partnership company and the main offices are located in south-east of Singapore.

INVISYS Technology (Singapore) provides innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective marketing. The company integrating the interests of all employees, customers, partners and suppliers into its strategy and actively honoring its social and environmental responsibility creates the foundation of trust that makes possible the long-term success of the company.

Our Business strategy is to maintain a sustainable profitable growth; which can only be achieved through satisfied employees, customers, partners and suppliers as well as having a positive influence on society and environment.