Living Room Designs, Photos & Layout

Living room design is crucial for home interior design. Find pictures / images of latest trend of living room designs for small or big areas which will inspire you here. Layout, colours choice, sofa set, entertainment center, lighting, curtain or carpet are few of the factors you need to consider. With the help of our participating Interior Designers in Singapore, you’ll be able to build a modern and tranquailed environment for you and your family. Submit your enquiry here and claim your Free Voucher!


 HDB Design by TED

Contemporary Living Room by Studio-Q Interior Design Image for Living Room by Kaleido

Living Room Design Layout by DreamHomez Living Room Design Layout by DreamHomez

See more images or ideas for living room in the video below:R


Living Room Concept by Image Chamber Living Room Furniture by D4S

Modern Living Room by GVD Simple Living Room by GVD

Small Living Room by D4S Wide Living Room Layout by Chapter One

Hope you like the designs or ideas we showcase above. If you have some great living room design ideas or pics, feel free to email us. If you planning to do renovate your home, simply submit your requirements here and the selected ID firms or renovation companies will get back to you on the quote soon.

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