Nippon Paint is the largest paint and coatings manufacturer in Asia. The paints and coats have made inroads into diverse aspects of life all around the region. For example; In Vietnam, they have acquired more than 70% share of the motorcycle coatings market. While in Korea, 100% of beverage cans are coated with Nippon Paint.

In 1881, two Japanese brothers started off business with projects for the Japanese navy and soon progressed to the production of viscous paints. By 1898, Nippon Paint was established as Japan’s first true paint manufacturing company.

This paint industry leader’s presence quickly spread across Japan, securing the domestic market by 1914. Then it gradually expanded into China, India and the South Pacific. After making inroads into Taiwan and North China, Nippon Paint established the Pan Malaysian Paint Industries in 1963, which is now known as Nippon Paint Singapore.

Besides bringing quality paint and coatings to all parts of the region, Nippon Paint constantly seeks new products and coatings that are more eco-friendly. This focus on protecting the environment has earned both our Singapore and Taiwan operations the coveted ISO:14001 certification in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

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