As a Local Home Renovation Portal, we aim to make Renovation easy for you — by connecting you to our panel of Reliable Contractors/ID Firms, capable at conducting your renovation in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Carefully Selected & Screened, our panel of Contractors/ID Firms have checked off the list and are guaranteed to provide you the highest tier of Quality Service.

Get Access to exclusive in-house privileges that aim to help you save(PRR & plushhome Exclusive) & be safe(PPP) when renovating with any of our recommended Contractors/ID Firms.

Plush Home is Singapore’s only lavish and sophisticated online home portal dedicated to everything related to modern contemporary designs including; furniture, accessories, lighting, floor coverings, wall coverings, and other fittings for your humble abode.

With regularly updated articles and features, be reassured at the thought of shopping for your home, FROM the comfort of your own home!

Coupled together with tips and advices from our specially handpicked group of interior design firms and experts, you are sure to leave your house visitors gaping in awe.

Plush Home’s raison d’être is to bring creative solutions and ideas to the table to help enliven your home – be it a brand new place or your current home. With weekly focuses that zero in on the nitty-grittys of bathrooms, dining areas, gardens, kitchens – the like – you will never have to spend hours in front of your computer or flip aimlessly through magazines!

Excited at all the goodies in store? We suggest you hurry and get your pen and pad ready for all our SOS tips on home disasters while you speed dial your contractor to bombard him with loads of cool new ideas. Don’t forget to keep a lookout for our affordable and chic buys!

How plushhome works

And provide us with full details about your Home Renovation – or any information you feel might be relevant to our Contractors/ID Firms. This allows them to prepare any necessary documents/items for a better follow-up with you.

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