It’s above everyone’s heads. No one’s going to notice it; no one ever looks up. Might as well paint it white…right? We say, don’t!

Colored ceilings have been largely avoided until recently. Thank goodness for that because it is very much a shame to see pretty colored walls and a boring white ceiling topping it off! Besides, white gets dirty and discolored faster than other colors.

With more and more people going for interesting colors, living rooms are beginning to live up to their names, bedroom ceilings are more cheerful to wake up to and bathroom ceilings give you something to look at when you’re busy.

If you don’t have time to paper everything, shift the furniture and buy paint to give your room a new lease of life, something as simple as painting your ceiling can help. A lighter color on the ceilings than that of you walls can give the illusion of a bigger room! If your room is too big or your ceiling is too high, simply do the opposite and paint your ceiling a darker color.

Your dining room and master bedroom are one of the rooms where you can attempt dramatic colors like red or a nice metallic one. If you want to keep your ceiling away from white but don’t want a bold color, go for a neutral color like a light beige or tan. Even a light khaki could work, depending on the colors of your wall.

Like the above picture, it’s about perusing the color scheme and then finding the complimentary colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors. Who would have thought that sandy walls and a powder blue ceiling would look that amazing?

Here are some amazing colored ceilings in some rooms: