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Brunswick is NOW in SINGAPORE!!! If you are a lover of Pool/ Snooker, you must check out Brunswick products and it will definitely satisfy you!

The Brunswick Story

A Legendary Name. A Humble Beginning.

In 1845, John Moses Brunswick, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was steadily building a solid reputation as a builder of fine carriages. It was a good living; a solid career path for an ambitious young man in the mid-19th century.

Then, somewhat suddenly, everything changed. When Brunswick first laid eyes on a finely crafted billiard table, he knew he had found his calling.

As a gifted artisan with a passion for woodworking, the young man was captivated by the table’s intricacy, detail, fine workmanship, and beauty. He saw more than a table; he saw an opportunity to build something with unlimited potential and lasting beauty.

“If it is wood, we can build it – and we can build it better than anyone else,” Brunswick declared.

True to his word, Brunswick completed his first billiard table soon after. By 1850, Brunswick tables were becoming known around the world as masterpieces of original craftsmanship and design. Within 10 years, he had built an impeccable reputation for fine quality, playability, and beauty – and laid the foundation of what would become the largest billiard company in the world.

The Legend Lives On.

The world has changed tremendously since then, but the Brunswick commitment to exceptional quality remains. John Moses Brunswick’s creative vision continues to thrive at Brunswick Billiards in Bristol, Wisconsin, where we’ve been connecting generations through superior craftsmanship and innovation since 1845.

Why Brunswick?

Brunswick has been bringing families and friends together for six generations. When John Brunswick set out to make his first billard table in 1845 he had a seemingly simple goal: To make the best billard table in the world. This philosophy continues to guide our company today. Brunswick focus on craftsmanship and innovation formed the cornerstone upon which all those followed could build. And they did.

For more than 165 years Brunswick Billard tables have hosted presidents and world leaders, captains of industry, sports heroes, entertainment celebrities and most important, families of every size, stature, and geographic location. The secret to this wonderful success story is that the Brunswick brand has always been true to its heritage, its love of the game and its desire to excel through innovation, service and above all, quality.

Today you can enjoy the same world class Brunswick billard tables that your father, grandfather and great grandfather enjoyed. By investing in a Brunswick table, you not only own the best playing pool table in the world, you’re creating memories to last a lifetime.


Brunswick has been building the world’s best billiard tables since 1845. So when you invest in a  Brunswick, you not only own the most beautiful, best-playing pool table in the world, you also become a part of this legendary heritage.


Every table we build is backed by a lifetime warranty, a testament to the exceptional design and workmanship the Brunswick name represents. This also helps us provide the best resale value in the industry. So whether you own your table for a season or a lifetime, you’ll never regret buying a Brunswick.

Selection and Value

With our wide selection of both Brunswick and Contender brand tables, we offer the most complete line of top-quality, professional-grade tables in the industry – as well as a full selection of high-quality starter tables for the recreational player. Find out which line of tables is right for you.

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