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Window Film

Get the best deals on high performance window solar film for your office / home window or doors. These suppliers are well-known for good tinting workmanshipquality film and affordable prices. Aside from energy saving & sun control, a good security window films can add privacy and protect your family from break-ins and injuries from shattered glass. Submit enquiry and get your Free quote now!

But that warm sun poses a danger to us and our cars. Sun damage which could eventually lead to skin cancer is a cumulative problem. Studies have found that due to the amount of time spent every day in their cars, drivers often have higher rates of skin cancer on their right (window) sides of their bodies than their left (passenger) sides.

Think about it. You surround yourself with safety gear, like airbags and seat belts. You equip your vehicle with high performance aids, like anti-lock braking and non-slip differentials. Yet you leave your eyes and skin and car interior unprotected against the destructive power of the sun.

But that was yesterday, before you discovered the benefits of custom glass tinting. At Tintsy, we carry the latest technological breakthrough in glass tinting for your automobile:

Do business with a reputable dealer:

Half of a good tint job is determined by the film brand and the warranty coverage. The other half is installation. A good installer will take the time and has the skill, to make sure the film fits, “just so,” with no unsightly seams, gaps, or dirt and contamination trapped under the film. In addition, a professional dealer will not install film that is in violation of the law which could get you in trouble with the police.

Do your homework:

Before you talk price, ask questions like what brand of film the dealer uses and ask to see examples of their work. Better still get references and find out if the tint job is covered by a dealers warranty or a manufacture warranty. Warranties given by the dealers are better as they are the one actually doing the installation! By choosing the right film and the right installation shop, you’ll enjoy the benefits of window film like enhanced appearance, reduced heat and glare, fuel savings and a reduction of harmful UV rays for years to come!

We have a specialized professional installation crew available to help our customers.

Where Value is a Reality

Perfect window films increases comfort, cut energy requirements, beautify windows, reduce fading and glare, improves safety.

Saves Energy

Perfect films reject up to 90% of the sun’s heat and make a significant difference in your energy cost. Air-cons need not work extra hard.

Provides Comfort

Perfect films make you or your employees more comfortable and more productive because Perfect helps correct temperature imbalances eliminating hot, uncomfortable glares, thereby improving comfort for office occupants.

Protects Furnishings

Perfect films reflect the sun’s heat and absorb almost all (99%) of the incident ultraviolet (UV) rays. Your furniture, draperies, carpets fade less and last longer.

Beautifies Windows and Reduces Glare

Drawn drapes or closed blinds create a suffocating psychological atmosphere. Perfect films make your windows more attractive, glare and distortion-free view, complementing the building design and increases privacy.

Hüper Optik International pioneers a new era in the window film industry with the World’s First And Only Patented Multi-Layer Advanced Nano-Ceramic Solar Control Film for applications in both the architectural and automotive markets.  Since launch in 2000, Hüper Optik® nano-ceramic window films have become a top choice with end users in more than 24 countries benefitting from the high performance, quality, retrofit solar control window film products & solutions.

The patented multi-layer advanced nano-ceramic technology is jointly culminated by world class, leading edge technology research and development institutions of Fraunhofer Institute – Germany’s forefront research institute in nano-technology, in conjunction with Singapore’s PSB Corporation.  Till this day, Hüper Optik® nano-ceramic window films continue to inherit the superior mark of German supreme quality engineering with production from Dresden, Germany.

Powered by this German advanced nano-ceramic technology and heritage, Hüper Optik®’s nano-ceramic window films offer 3 Times More Infrared Heat Rejection Than Normal Dyed Films4 Times Less Visible Light Reflectance Than Mirrored Like Metallic Films and 25 Times More Durable Than Most Conventional Window Films in the market.  End users’ woes of low heat rejection, discoloration, fading, oxidization, interference with radio & wireless signals from dyed and metallic films are non-existent in Hüper Optik® nano-ceramic window films.  The high performance Hüper Optik® nano-ceramic window films come with a 10-Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty for all its architectural and automotive customers.

Taking on a Hüper Optik® solar control film means joining the ranks of many others in the world including Google, AT&T, Grand Hyatt, Bank of America, McDonald’s as well as Singapore National Museum.  Such acclaim is built upon the strong basis of satisfied customers globally who have benefited from the superb heat rejection performance, durability and value-for-money Hüper Optik® nano-ceramic window film products & solutions.

Hüper Optik® … Your Smarter Choice

Authorized Dealers

1. Astrotech Engineering Pte Ltd

71 Toh Guan Road East, #01-01, TCH Tech Centre, Singapore 608598

Tel: (65) 6899 7950     Fax: (65) 6899 4889   Email:

2. Elittint Pte Ltd

7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #04-53, Northstar, Singapore 569880

Tel: (65) 8418 8922     Fax: (65) 6570 8276   Email:

Established in 2002, Cool N Lite Solar Film Pte Ltd received recognition from leading automotive and building developers in Singapore as well as regional for its branding and quality of products and services.

Over the years, the company has built a strong team of well-trained and disciplined pool of certified applicators to provide highest standard of workmanship with reliability. Some of their notable clientele include the Singapore Police Force, Changi Airport, Sentosa Cove Development, Mass Rapid Transport Corporation, Ministry of Defense, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Aerospace, Republic of Singapore Navy and many other commercial and residential developments. Their films also come highly recommended and applied in the high-end automotive sector with leading marks like Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW and Jaguar.

As demand intensifies for high tech solar control films in new developments with high ratio of glass façade, new technologies are introduced to meet modern requirements from leading architects. These new technologies feature spectrally selective rejection capabilities enabling occupants to enjoy maximum visible light transmission while rejecting a massive amount of solar energy (heat) which was traditionally challenging.

To further demonstrate their confidence and product capabilities, Cool N Lite’s range of high tech films are tested by recognised product testing, inspection and certification agencies like TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd. These test reports and product certification marks are well accepted by manufacturers, third party buyers and government authorities worldwide.


In order to keep up with the rapid advancement in technology in Solar Film Control, COOL N LiTE® brings you the NEXT generation of High Tech Solar Control Films with a special focus on high quality Solar Film with a service distinction.

COOL N LiTE® high tech films are designed and developed for maximum performance and durability to withstand the extreme temperatures and rejects vast amounts of direct sun exposure that automobiles and buildings receive on a daily basis, especially under intense tropical heat.

Due to the different variety of Solar Control film types, these high-tech films are categorised into various primary group which includes Automotive, Building and Homes, Marine, Security and Custom Lamination & Protection. However, many of our films are interchangeable and can be used for purposes other than the category that it is listed.

Quality Assurance

COOL N LiTE® films are professionally installed with minimal disturbance to business or office routine and their customers can be assured of quality workmanship anytime, all the time. COOL N LiTE® pioneered installation techniques, being possibly Asia’s first DUST FREE installation environment, derived from extensive research and development with Japanese and US companies.

All COOL N LiTE® films are made with the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. And to keep the film looking new for years to come, COOL N LiTE® automotive and window films are manufactured with a special scratch resistant coating. The company takes great pride in our products and to prove it, all films carry the strongest product warranty coverage available for automotive and residential applications.

Do not hesitate, if you are looking for window films services, call Cool n Lite now!

Basic Necessities International is a well-established and a leading distributor of a wide range of window filmssolar films and wall decoration stickers. Their goal is to provide a highly effective solution for their customer’s decorating needs.

Their Decorative Films, Borders, Stickers and Solar Film all contain innovative materials suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They are versatile, durable, simple to install and easily removable. The stickers or films can be easily installed on glass doors/panels, windows, wall surface or on any other smooth surface.

Their films are available in various colors, shades, tints and designs. All of their films are scratch resistant, ensuring long-life and durability.

Products & Services

Deco Film

Solar Film

Deco Sticker

Deco Border

Goldwin Resouces was established in 2001 as a modest window film tinting company in Singapore.

Over the years, the company has since grown into a specialty window film supplier with authorised dealership of internationally renowned American brands like Classis, ICE and Johnson Window Film

The showroom showcase our complete range of window film products and equipped with modern demonstration and testing apparatus to allow our customers to learn more about the window film and its performance.

Goldwin Resources is committed to provide good value and reliable performance film at a competitive price. All our window film’s product is tested and authenticated by internationally recognised laboratories for its performance and its supported by manufacturers warranty ranging between 5 to 10 years.

Our company, long standing window tinting history is renowned for our staffs tinting experience and quality of tint, setting the bar above the industry standard.