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Getting the perfect interior lighting for home will light up your mood! How to choose suitable wall / ceiling lightscove light, or lighting fixtures for your house? Either for living room, bedroom or kitchen lighting, just visit below lighting shops or send your enquiry and the selected lighting companies will contact you for your lighting need.

The idea for Greenmax Lighting was ignited in the garden of our founder, Simon Tiong. As a gardening enthusiast, he used solar lights to brighten up his gardens.

MEGAMAN® – Leading the World in Energy Efficient Lighting

Established in 1994, MEGAMAN® is a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and an innovative leader in Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) design, with technology targeting the best eco-lighting solutions. MEGAMAN® products are widely distributed throughout the world covering more than 90 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and South America. By setting environmental management as one of the company’s highest priorities, MEGAMAN® focuses on eco-friendly environmental processes from initial design to manufacturing, research and development, and the disposal and recycling of its products.

MEGAMAN® is recognised around the world as a provider of energy-saving lighting solutions that make a positive difference to the quality of life. With its innovative LED and compact fluorescent lamps in a variety of sizes, shapes, colour temperatures and features, MEGAMAN® offers a way of life that substantially benefits consumers as well as the environment. With an emphasis on reducing the environmental impact, from product development to disposal and recycling, MEGAMAN® leads the way with its innovations and new lighting technology, striving for a better tomorrow for all.

MEGAMAN® – The light that makes a difference, the light that lights up the world in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

The idea for Greenmax Lighting was ignited in the garden of our founder, Simon Tiong. As a gardening enthusiast, he used solar lights to brighten up his gardens.

Unsatisfied with the durability and performance of existing solar lights, he decided to design brighter and long-lasting solar lights.

Thus, he set up Greenmax, obtained a grant from SPRING Singapore, and collaborated with scientists from EWT Centre of Innovation to develop Singapore’s first high quality solar garden lights.

Greenmax was also the first in Singapore to introduce indoor solar lamps for decorative use.

Since inception in 2009, we decided that Greenmax’s brand focus will be on eco-friendly lighting products that are of high quality yet affordable.

With this focus in mind, we added LED lights to broaden our product range. LED lights are energy-efficient alternatives to traditional indoor lights, as they require lesser electricity for the same level of brightness. This means you can save on electricity bills. Lesser energy use means less stress on our Mother Earth too.

To date, we are the only company in Singapore dealing with both LED lights and Solar lights that can be purchased either online or at our showroom. We have grown to be a market leader for lighting products with state-of-the-art storage facilities.
We clearly state our prices and specifications of our products clearly online so that you can make informed decisions for your lighting needs. You can also sign up as a Member to enjoy more benefits.
Greenmax Lighting is an associate company of Simax Materials Solutions Pte Ltd  (Established since 2006) which was also founded by Simon Tiong. Thus, we are able to leverage on the logistics and extensive management experiences of our sister company too.

LED Works is an energy saving lighting specialist focused on LED lights and LED bulbs. They carry the full range of Phillips home lighting fixtures including the Ecothe, Ecomods, Kidsplace and Ledino series, along with the remote controlled Philips EasyScene.

LED Works also carries the newest and latest dimmable LED Lighting solutions for down lighting, liner lighting and outdoor lighting. They are the first lighting providers to intergrate Illumintex LED modules into their lighting solutions. is a Singapore based company that engages in retail, wholesale and manufacturing operations. Their direct sales approach and concept saves their consumers a lot of unnecessary costs hence making their products very affordable. carries a wide range of different styles and brands guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest customer. The team at Lightings is a friendly and amiable one, sure to offer you the best shopping experience to decorate your house.

To us light is sensual. It should be flexible and adaptable. It must deliver optimal visual precision while consuming minimum environmental resources. We appreciate cutting-edge designs that raise lighting to an art form, while never compromising function.

To every project and every client we bring our vast store of knowledge and experience in classic to contemporary styles. We commit the highest quality, design and technical excellence, as well as comprehensive after-sales support. Added to this mix is our absolute passion for enhancing the quality of space – a passion which drives us daily and has seen Million become a premier choice for architects, engineers and interior designers.

Lights Culture is a young, customer-oriented shop that is dedicated to offering personalized service and committed to providing the best service to meet your lighting needs. They offer you quality lightings in popular designs and at affordable prices. They service the general public as well as interior designers, architects, contractors and other trade professionals

Your satisfaction as a customer is most important to the people at Lights Culture. They aim to bring passion to light, to enhance and add value to homes and workplaces with style, technology, creativity and flair.

Glitzy Lights is a lighting shop that caters to your home’s lighting needs. Whether it is funky, cool lights or chic and modern lights that you are looking for, Glitzy Lights is the place to go to. Their unique designs are not ubiquitous like most lighting option; they bring flair to light in your residence. Lights at Glitzy Lights are affordable and very aesthetically pleasing; that’s two for the price of one!

History of Lite Lab

Lite Lab Private Ltd is one of the first lighting companies in Singapore that provides quality Eco designer lighting products and services to the affluent home owners of today. As living spaces are smaller in new homes, in order to have that unique kind of interior design, your lighting and lamps plays an important part.

Designer lighting and lamps are of course appealing to the eye due to the abstract shapes and designs that are one-of-the-kind. Although it fits very well with the taste of today’s home owners especially when they are looking for lighting and lamps that are more than just providing illumination to the room, the pricing is pretty much expensive.

This is where Lite Lab came into picture. Eco designer lighting simply means economical and Eco lighting for the lighting and lamps in Lite Lab. This opens up a lot of opportunities for new home owners today to have piece of quality designer lighting at their homes at a reasonable and affordable pricing.

There are numerous lighting products on the market and often our customer wonder which brand is suitable for them. Our product feature below illustrate why you should choose VOME LED Lighting

Illumination Feature

VOME Brilliant Light

– Special design optics used in all our lighting make your furniture and decoration come to life with stunning visual statement

VOME True Brightest

– 20% brighter than other LED lighting of the same wattage

Glare-Free Lighting

– Our diffused design in our lights are non glaring and comfortable for all general usage

Balanced Lighting for Eye Safety

– Essential to maintaining normal, healthy physiology and less eye fatigue

Adequate Field of Illumination

– Our lighting provide a soft uniform light and 30% wider field of illumination coverage

High CRI & Full Spectrum Lighting

– Superior color rendering that emulates natural light – whites are whiter, blues are true blue and reds are more vibrant

Technical Feature

VOME Flicker Free Illumination

– Highest operation frequency means no headaches or less eye fatigue

Long Operating Lamp Life

– Engineered and built to run 24/7 reliably

High Efficiency Electronics

– Only robust and reliable electronics are used with proven technologies

Variety of Colors Temperature Available

– Variety of color temperature available for demanding applications

Solid State Design

– Rugged design with drop, shock resistant and reliable performance

Supports Frequent On/Off Light Switching

– Tested one Million times ON /OFF operation

Mercury & Lead Free and RoHS Compliant

– Environmental friendly material used.

We have extensive knowledge and vast experience in lightings and fans industry for more than a decade. We have also established a name, for quality in production of customized light fittings, to meet specifiers discerning requirements. We specializes in the promotion and supply of innovative lighting products and systems to our clients. Our products are main using reputable brands like Osram, GE and Philips.

Our Project Team is strategically geared to:

Provide prompt and efficient sales services throughout the duration of your projects

Ensure quality products are offered

Carefully planned delivery schedules

Provide technical expertise and supervisory services on site if needed

Ensure prompt after-sales services

Our Areas of Expertise:

Lighting Consulting, Lighting Solutions, Lighting Design,

Lighting Specifications

Products Available:

LED Lightings

Architectural Lightings

Recessed Downlights

Fluorescent Lightings

Halogen Lightings

T5 Lightings

Track Lightings

Ceiling Lights

Wall Lights

Outdoor Lightings

Underwater Lightings

Crystal Chandeliers

Highbays/ lowbays and Floodlights

Pendant Lights

Table Lamps

Stand Lamps

Wall Fans (KDK/ Tampo)

Ceiling Fans (KDK/ Tampo/ Elmark/ Fanco/ etc)

Instant Hearter (Champs/ Amasco/ Elmark/ 707)

We offer 3 months warrenty for all lightings & lifetime warrenty for all decorative 5b blade ceiling fans

We value all customers & members. We would like to thank you for your interest in Light Boutique, Cheers!