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Aircon servicing companies in Singapore which provide Free and cost-effective inspection for general air-con servicing, chemical servicing, installation, repair and maintenance contract are listed below. Beside regular air conditioning system, some of them are also selling best portable air conditioner or air handling unit. Just send in your enquiry and check out their current promotion now :)

Aircon service

First class aircon is an aircon services specialist company based in Singapore. Their air con services have accumulated more than 12 years of experience and their team is well versed with air con installations, repairs, maintenance and servicing. With a whole spectrum of satisfied customers as testament to their quality services, First Class Air Con serves a variety of clients from residential units to offices, factories, restaurants and even industrial plants.

Services Provided: Chemical cleaning, installation, inspection, maintenance and repairs.

Aircon service2

Elite Line is a company with a team of experienced aircon technicians, well versed in different brands of air con servicing and air con repair for offices, shops, private houses, condominiums and other residential sites. Their services range from air con installation to servicing and air con repairing.

Services provided: Normal/Chemical wash of air con units/ Yearly contract cleaning (3 times a year), air con repairs and troubleshooting, air con installations and relocations.

Hope Engineering is a Singapore-based aircon company that specializes in air con services and repairs across Singapore. With a talented team that is well versed and capable of fixing a medley of air conditioning issues, you can be rest assured that you won’t have to face the wrath of the hot Singapore weather without the comfort of your air conditioner. Their main priority is the customer’s satisfaction through their promising services.

Services Provided: Air con servicing, full chemical wash, repair & replacement of air conditioner parts, air con maintenance contracts, air con installations, gas topping up.

Woo Air con Solution is a local air conditioning specialist company. With many years of experience in repair, maintenance, servicing and installation for all types of air conditioning brands, this company has a wide client database. They serve a wide spectrum of satisfied customers in residential units, offices, factories, restaurants and industrial plants. Their mission is to provide their customers with quality, reasonable and reliable services for their air conditioning needs.

Services provided: Normal/General cleaning maintenance, chemical cleaning, air con washing service, checking and troubleshooting of air con systems.

The winning formula to this company’s success is their constant upholding of superior levels of customer satisfaction and providing preeminent air con installations, servicings and maintenance. DIS Air con’s mission is to provide air-cooling systems and quality management to the main market whilst also offering high standards of installation, maintenance and repair services. It is through this that they believe that they can consistently redefine management to achieve performance with integrity.

Services Provided: Sales and installations of air-conditioning systems for residential/commercial/construction projects, general servicing and chemical servicing.

GSN Starcool is a air conditioning company that has been providing air-conditioning services in Singapore to the residential ad commercial scenes since 1995. With a high level of commitment to the services they provide, they also cater to every aspect of air-conditioning ventilation, air treatments, installations, maintenance and repairs. They pride themselves on being reasonable, cost effective and reliable.

Services Provided: Maintenance, chemical servicing, chemical overhaul, installations, troubleshooting and transport, free site inspections.

Incorporated in 1999, Airecontrol is an established company that specializes in the field of air conditioning work. Their core business includes providing quality air conditioner service, installation and repair for residential and commercial premises. Their vast experiences enable them to provide clients with timely, cost-effective and professional service. “Excellence in quality and service is our commitment to you” is their motto.

Services provided: One time general air-con servicing, air-con maintenance, yearly contract servicing, chemical servicing, checking and troubleshooting air-con faults.

Ericool Air con specializes in air conditioner servicing for the Residential, Commercial & Industrial sectors. Ericool Air con recognizes that clean fresh air is essential for healthy living and hence recommends that qualified technicians such as themselves service air conditioner units regularly.

Services Provided: Air Con servicing and Air Con Installations.

Carion is a company committed to providing total quality specialized services in air-conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation, sales, design, repairs and maintenance services to their customer’s satisfaction. Their aim is to provide quality and value added services so that they can expand their services to one-day lead the industry in the region.

Services provided: General servicing, chemical servicing, contract maintenance, advice on which air conditioner to buy.

Cooling Breeze is company that deals with the general servicing of your home’s air conditioners. Professional and reliable they offer a variety of services to maintain and prolong the life of your air conditioning units. Always offering a promotion for their services, Cooling Breeze is a good deal – even offering free quotations.

Services provided: Free inspection, general servicing, chemical servicing, contract maintenance, free quotation, refrigerator repair services.

Air con Singapore is a company that provides reliable Air con Servicing in Singapore. Concerned about the high cost Singaporeans spend on last minute servicing, Air Con Singapore is keen to help its clients maintain their air conditioning units regularly. They provide quality servicing for HDBs, condos, offices, buildings and private landed properties.

Services Provided: General servicing, chemical servicing, condenser servicing, chemical overhauls, installations of air con units and repairs.