Residential / Commercial Interior Design & Renovation

After getting a new/resale HDB / Condo / commercial property, the next step on the list will be the searching and comparing of best renovation packages or quotes for interior design. And ideally, you should aim to have at least three different quotes for your project. And in order to achieve this, you probably have to scour through at least a dozen potential designers and contractors before arriving at a relevant quote – some might not even respond depending on how busy they are! And it is such a hassle!

Even though you may feel that referral from friends or word of mouth would be the most reliable when hiring an interior designer or contractor, but that could severely eliminate or limit your opportunity of finding even better deals or nicer interior designs! And the best solution is to continue seeking for more quotes and design options. But you don’t want to get tied up in the hassle again. Now, you can get free multiple renovation quotes by simply submitting one enquiry.

Let PlushHome do the initial sourcing job for you, allowing you to better spend your time elsewhere. We are able to get your multiple free and no-obligation quotes for renovation and interior design for any type of housing in Singapore. Fast, easy and reliable.

All you have to do is provide as much information as possible about your dream house. Such as the area size of your house, the preferred design style/theme/concept, the condition of the current unit, a floor plan (if you have), an accurate budget for us to assist you on selecting the suitable companies so they are able to provide a better proposal/quotation to meet your budget, the amount of renovation loan if you need one and any additional information. Once your requirements are submitted, you’ll just have to wait for reply on the quote request.

Interior Design and Renovation Ideas

If you’re stumped on where to get interior design/renovation ideas, the internet is a good place to turn to. Just search for a certain theme or concept that you’ll want for your new home and maybe save a few images for future reference for the interior designers or contractors that you might work with. Or just visit our site for various varieties of home design inspirations offered by the recommended interior design or renovation companies we have collaborated with for the ease of your research.

Taking the information you’ve provided into full consideration, a few professional interior design firms or good contractor companies will be short-listed by us that would match your needs and budget requirements. Within a few days, the selected designers or contractors will contact you directly on the home design quotes or renovation packages available and suitable to your requests.

Professional ID Firms & Renovator Contractors

When you have decided on the few initial quotes you received from the ID firms or contractors, it is advised to have a meet up at their office or showroom to have a better look at their portfolio for more ideas & concepts for designs of office, retail shop, residential living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and etc. This will also be the best time to get more details on the quotation and clear any doubts you have.

Bear in mind that no matter which quote you accept, any builder is not likely to prepare to make a loss on a project, if somehow they have under-quoted the contract. Although this may not always happen, but if it does they will try to recover at least their costs. So it is better to have a more accurate and realistic quote in the first place and it is definitely your responsibility to make sure of this. One of the best ways to do this is compare with other 2-3 quotations you have short-listed.

To effectively compare quotes and renovation packages, price would be a major factor in the decision. Aside from that there are also other considerations that you must take note of when selecting the designer / contractor most suited to your project. It is essential to choose based on the one that is the most competitively priced (after analysing the quotes), have a reasonable and fair approach to extras and variation, a clear understanding and willingness to work on your requirements, sufficient relevant experience, good references from clients and suppliers, willingness to agree to terms of payment that suit you and the guarantees you need. For cases if you need renovation loan, remember to find out whether they have the capacity to help you apply for housing renovation loan!

After you’ve compared everything you need and finally decided that you are satisfied with the home design proposal and the matching budget of a selected renovation company, you can proceed to sign the contract with them and start your renovation project! Once the renovation started, it is your responsibility and best practice to do regular check or site visit to monitor the renovation progress until the project completed.

Free Multiple Interior Design & Renovation Quotes

If this is your first time sourcing for ID and renovation packages in Singapore and it is causing you much headache, why not choose to work smarter and faster? You can get multiple free renovation quotes the smart-way with just one enquiry.